Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A bubble or two at Graham Beck, then lunch at Nuy on the Hill

Sunday morning in Montagu was warm and sunny at last and, after breakfast and checking out, we all wanted to explore the town a little. The Breyten Breytenbach festival was on and we headed for the art exhibition at the gallery in the KWV premises in town. Lynne was also on a crusade to find some fresh country eggs. There was some interesting art in the centre and there was a session going on in a back hall with a writer so we had to shush. There were some breathtaking quilts on display upstairs. Then we were off to Graham Beck winery to taste some of their MCC bubblies
We bought a wonderfully illustrated children book about diversity with not a single bit of text inside and so amusing. It would amuse and gently educate any nationality, its surprise ending certainly had the adults laughing
Then it was off to Graham Beck for a taste of their bubbly
Some of our group sat on the balcony, but there were smokers there, so we preferred to stay inside and admire the art there
The tasting room is always worth a stop and the staff are so friendly and approachable
Sit at the tasting bar or enjoy the view in the lounging area
Graham Beck MCC bubblies for sampling
The wonderful avenue, reflecting pool and mountain views
Quote for the day at the Nuy entrance. We hope none of these were driving...
Gosh time to eat again. After a fruitless trip to Farm stalls in the area and no eggs anywhere, we reached the Nuy Restaurant and tasting centre, where we had booked a table for the group. Some decided not to stop, others enjoyed the light lunch and the atmosphere
It’s the Nuy tasting room, sales area, a deli and the restaurant
And the view of the Worcester mountains is amazing. We sat on the shaded and protected terrace ...
... and gazed at the view and the very welcome sunshine
Some had the enormous burgers topped with onion rings and served with chips
John's choice was the biltong burger and a locally brewed craft beer, unfortunately so badly poured that the head disappeared instantly. Otherwise, it was a very good pale ale
This was the standard burger
Lynne chose the seared tuna with sesame, mango and avocado served with mayo and toasted ciabatta. This is on the tapas menu. We had no idea it would be a full on salad plate
She also added lamb spring rolls with a harissa dip, not realising that the tuna would have been enough

This is the "green" salad. Its mixed and it is on the Tapas menu too. Prices are reasonable, the food was fresh and delicious. And then it was time to head home
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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