Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunday at the Franschhoek Bastille Festival

The Festival was at the top of the main road and next to the Huguenot monument. The layout was very impressive this year. The marquees were much wider and there seemed to be so much more space. Finding a seat, however, is still as difficult as people reserve empty seats for ages while their friends do the rounds tasting, leaving others standing around. There was lots of food from the top restaurants, pulled pork seemed to be the dish of the day from many. And the wines from Franschhoek can be very impressive
An avenue of Tricolor flags
We hear Saturday was full, they sold 4000 tickets. Sunday is always more relaxed, more of a family day. And lovely in the warm sunshine
The tents were buzzing too
And if you had not got the message that everyone is supposed to dress up in Red White and Blue there was this stand to sell you the appropriate merchandise
Straight to the busy Cabrière stand
where we met up with Achim von Arnim, Patriarch of Cabrière, for a chat and a glass of their Belle Rose MCC
Achim, with Carina Bouwer, enjoying life in his starred and striped red white and blue waistcoat
Lynne with suitable attire and a moustachioed wineglass
If you could toss a “quoit" (actually a roll of gaffer tape) well enough, Linda Coltart gave you a prize. Some families did rather too well at this and nearly cleared them out of soft toys. The proceeds went to a local charity. Nice action shot John!
She did but he didn't want his photo taken
Chef Neil Jewell of Bread and Wine restaurant manfully slicing his excellent charcuterie for their platters. He does this nonstop for the entire festival as the platters are very popular
L’Ormarins poured us a taste of their MCC
The belles dames, Kathy van Niekerk and Marguerite Nel, on the Boschendal stand with their chilled wines
And at Black Elephant's stand, partners Kevin Swart (Black in Afrikaans) and Raymond Ndlovu (elephant in Nguni) were having fun
We liked their wines and their charming labels: Timothy White (a Viognier) and Nicolas Red (a blend) are self explanatory. Named after Kevin's two sons, Timothy is the hare and Nicolas the Tortoise
Partner and winemaker Jacques Wentzel, also enjoying the day
It is always a very happy, well organised festival
Children are welcome and there is lots for them to play on
Nice use for used corks
Chilling with some wine as the afternoon wears on
And a familiar face, Jacques Roux of Douglas Green Bellingham
There was a band and lots of dancing
Two chefs comparing notes on how the day went: Chris Erasmus of Foliage and Neil Jewell of Bread and Wine
Fun and fame in the sun
Vogue poses!
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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