Thursday, November 10, 2016

How NOT to .....

We don't want to sound too precious, but sometimes we have a restaurant experience we don't want to repeat. We suspect that it's a familiar experience for some of you too. At a recent visit to a Waterfront restaurant - not one we have written about in this issue, why would we? This is what they did wrong. The food was good, it usually is. They just got almost everything else wrong.
1. They now have outside seating and good views, both with ample seating but we were put right at the back, next to both the busy kitchen and toilet entrance. Not our favourite spot. Is this how they treat pensioners?
2. They didn't tell us about the Wednesday special, but we knew it existed, which was why we were there. So we asked for it. (We then told all the foreigners being seated next to us about it! and they were delighted).
3. The lighting - in a new space - was atrocious. Get this right please restaurants, we want to see our food
4. There was a large hair in on John's hamburger, we pointed it out, they ignored us
5. The portion of excellent ribs Lynne was served was enormous so we asked for a doggie bag. Refused point blank, said they don't do it on specials. Why? We know they do it normally. So she simply wrapped the food in a napkin and put it in her handbag. Why don't you offer a half portion on your menu, it would be popular
6. When the bill arrived, it was full charge for both dishes. We made them change it to the special
7. Service was very attentive, but only when we didn't need them. The bill took forever to come and we needed to be somewhere else

Will we be back? Ummmmmm
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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