Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Summer Festival on Jordan Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Each year, in late November, Gary and Kathy Jordan hold an open day on their wine estate in Stellenbosch Kloof. There is a small entrance fee which is used to help finance animal rescue facilities in Stellenbosch and guests are encouraged to bring dog food, cat food, old blankets for those facilities
There is always a good selection of food on the lawns, in The Bakery and great lunches in the Jardine restaurant and music from a local band
Gary Jordan and his father, Ted with visitors to the Festival
One of the delicious wine-marinaded burgers from the Jordan Bakery
Gary and Marketing Manager Thea van der Merwe doing the draw for raffle prize winners
and awarding the first prize of accommodation in the new, luxurious bungalows on the farm
John got lucky and won second prize, which was a case of Jordan wine and a CD, always much appreciated and, this year, an unexpected birthday present
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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