Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A week on the West Coast at Yzerfontein

After the hectic activity of our year, we decided to take a week off and booked a small flat at the side of this house in Yzerfontein, about 1½ hours north of Cape Town
 It is at the edge of a dune. We do live by the sea, but a holiday right on the front with no buildings in front of us, no  traffic, fresh sea air and lazy days are what we crave
  almost on  the beach. The dunes are steep, only John managed to get down the dune and back up. It's about 20 metres and the sand is soft.  But access on other beaches is better and we had several long walks
 with beautiful views 
 and we enjoyed some dramatic sunsets
 Lovely, subtle evening colours
  A kelp gull fishing for mussels
You can see Dassen Island and its lighthouse  on clear days and at night

 A rock in the bay, home for cormorants
looking for interesting shells on the beach - none here. The West Coast has two kinds of mussels, the normal blue mussel and then what they call the white mussel, really a clam. You do need a permit to collect them
 Hartlaub's gull
 and the first time we've come this close to black oystercatchers
 A bulbul on the beach 
 and a flock of oystercatchers in ragged formation 
 People coming back from lunch at Strandkombuis. We had intended to go but it was fully booked at this time of the year
 Oystercatchers and a kelp gull
 Walks on the beach
 watching the waves
 and kids on holiday
 Waaksaam, a local beach dog, joined us for a while
 more purple evenings

 Our flat is through the left arch
 A gazania on the path
 Another oystercatcher - should they be musselcatchers?
 There are more mussels than oysters on this beach
 The one that nearly got away 
 A different beach for another walk, with very soft sand which made it a good workout
 Our friends Ronnie and Loraine came for lunch
 Braaied fish (Panga). This was good but sadly it was frozen fish.  There is a huge shortage of fish and the small local fish shop buys his fish from the same wholesaler in Cape Town as we do, and it is all frozen. There was only one day to buy crayfish, but it was very, very expensive so we didn't.  Now it is on the SASSI red list, we shall miss it a lot
 and salads
  A succulent flower on the beach
 Anemones in a rock pool
 From across the little bay; 
we were in the house with the arches
 Ambition: fishing in a sadly empty sea
 and a last supper before coming home
A simple supper, and then back home to do Christmas!  And try to lose some weight
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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