Thursday, March 02, 2017

Breakfast at Bonjour, Sea Point

Sea Point veterans will remember New York Bagels who were in Regent Road for many years until they disappeared a couple of years ago. Their bagels, croissants, salads etc were legendary and we often bought lunch there when we had our shop down the road. We hear that they are still running a small outlet in Harrington Street in the city centre.

Some of the ex-Sea Point staff have opened a small café in the Total Garage shop in Sea Point and word is getting round about how good it is. They sell bagels and good bread and croissants and they also do breakfast and lunch. We decided to go and see what it is like
Yes, it is the garage shop! John often fills up there. The staff are friendly and helpful. Good at fixing punctures quickly too and the car wash can be done in a hurry
Not the most salubrious location, but it is usually packed with locals who know where to go
Plain and simple furniture, all clean and neat. Service is friendly and efficient
A goodish cup of coffee, an Americano at R16, could have been a tad stronger. We do so hate these thick cups, but we know that they are hard to chip when washed up, so we have to accept that most coffee places use them
The menu is on the wall and there is also a full-colour printed version
A good beverage selection
The 3 egg omelette ....
....stuffed full with pastrami and mild peppadews, which John enjoyed, R45
The creamy scrambled egg enjoyed by Peter, R30
Lynne ordered the classic smoked salmon bagel and asked them to hold the onion and cucumber. Good salmon, reasonably generous, good fresh bagel and lots of cream cheese. R48
The eggs came with a slice of toast each; this is the rye bread
Take-aways from the bread counter
A good selection of pastries, cakes. bread, bagels and pies. We hear that the cheese cake is excellent

Warm pies
Lynne bought two almond croissants for later and they were good, filled with nice thick almond paste. Very reasonably priced at R13.95 each. These can be found elsewhere in Sea Point for over R30. The staff is friendly and service was reasonably quick. We may be back soon for the cheese cake

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