Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Breakfast at Giulio's

Another good Saturday morning breakfast, another new restaurant for us; this time in town on the corner of Loop and Riebeek Street. This is familiar territory for Lynne who worked in PR for Safmarine when they moved into their new building on the opposite corner. It is where the Italian restaurant Massimo’s used to be.  Breakfast is served all day and they have good lunch options too. There is a Mangia salad bar, sandwiches and great pastries. And they are licensed. Opening hours Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm; Saturdays and Public Holidays 8am - 12.30pm 
The entrance. We were so impressed with Giulio himself; what a polite, friendly and gentle young man. He is making a great success of this Cafe. You can read about him on his web site. https://www.giulios.co.za   Service was prompt and efficient
We loved the simple and light decor. The chairs are a little small, but manageable
A table had been reserved for us in the corner
Important to start breakfast with a coffee!
Good crema on the Americanos
The menu

For our vegetarian friends, Shakshuka. From North Africa and the Middle East, it's a nice and spicy tomato and red pepper compote seasoned with onions, garlic, chilli, cumin, paprika topped with two poached eggs
Lynne had intended to have something healthy and then she saw her favourite breakfast on the menu.  When she did her round the world trip in 1992 she found this all over the world and if faced with a plate of congee (tasteless rice gruel) or poi (taro porridge with a texture of wallpaper paste), she chose instead pancakes, maple syrup and crisp bacon. This turned out to be a superb choice. The pancakes at Guilio’s were a revelation; they are light as air, fluffy and full of flavour. Why has she never had them this good before?
John had the good Frittata di Giulio, an omelette filled with spinach, mozzarella, tomatoes, caramelised onion (no mushrooms) topped with parmesan and a side of a tomato basil Neapolitan sauce
A table full of delicious food
They bake all their own cakes and pastries and there is an impressive selection to tempt you

Loraine chose a Florentine with her espresso, which comes, correctly, with a glass of water, something often missing in South Africa
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