Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Robertson ramblings

 We rented a house for the night at Vredevallei in the Keurkloof near Robertson, the key didn't fit this one 
 But it did fit here
 The dusty road to vines, orchards and wilderness
 Barn treasures for vehicle collectors: an old John Deere tractor
 and a 1959 Buick
 Driving into a dusty sunset
In the morning, John woke to the welcome sound of rain on the roof
 and took a solo walk in the soft rain while the others slept; he was joined by an enthusiastic companion
 with one blue eye
Where do old trucks go to die?
 A small farm dam and trees on the hillside
 Swim anyone?
 Looking down the Keurkloof valley toward the Almond Grove Riesling vineyard
 These very ripe Riesling grapes
were in a neglected vineyard
In the moist atmosphere botrytis might develop. Noble late anyone?
 Let's play
  Note from a dry country. Raindrops on a prickly pear
 Country roads
 Walking further down the road, 
 I met a friendly little boy named Gerrit
 The wonderful, sadly rare, sight of raindrops on a tree
The Orthodox Church of Saint Mary of Egypt -  Santorini comes to the Breede Vallei
 Riesling vineyards on a misty morning
 In the garden at Van Loveren, a male Southern Double-collared Sunbird on a pink hibiscus flower
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2017

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