Monday, April 24, 2017

Breakfast at Cape Point Vineyards

We felt like a drive in our new car to explore breakfast somewhere different and Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek got the vote. We also intended to explore the area afterwards. We did book and were reassured by them that the breakfasts, normally served outside, would be served inside should the weather change. We hadn’t been back there since we worked at their market in 2013
The menu
The view! The lake still has water, but is rather low
It was a lovely morning when we arrived at 10, so we were happy to sit outside at the picnic tables on the terrace. We were given a warm welcome
Our waitress Tumi explaining the menu. Lynne is not terrified or horrified, honest. Loraine is amused. We try to decide what to have
Loraine's and Ronnie's choice was the American pancakes with fresh strawberries, pecan nut crumble, vanilla bean cream and organic maple syrup. The pancakes are flapjacks. It was pronounced excellent
Lynne's Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. The salmon was good and generous, the Hollandaise sauce correct and good, as were the toasted muffins. Sadly, the eggs were completely over-cooked and untrimmed, so she had bits of dead egg white on the edges. They ruined the dish. They need to ask how you want to have your eggs served. Runny yolks are essential
John ordered the Country style scrambled eggs with crisp bacon, topped with rocket, grated parmesan and tomatoes and a dash or three of balsamic vinegar. The scrambled eggs were very good; creamy and properly soft. Sadly, the bacon was not at all crisp and was a little leathery. The rocket, seemingly obligatory these days, was a little too ample and smothered the dish
Our bill, we had lots of coffee! Not too expensive
Lovely roses on the table
Birds in flocks on the trees, lots of starlings, but we think some were gathering to return north for the summer there
They have a small shop
Wines to take home and craft beers, cold drinks and sweeties
Both girls coveted the French cupboard facade, full of wine and corporate merchandise
The restaurant has a lovely terrace for lunch and dinner with those superb views
The bar inside. The wine tasting is done at their winery further down the road towards Chapman’s Peak Drive
An elegant lounge area
We explored Noordhoek and Kommetjie, went to a huge pottery there called Liebermann, with more pots than we have ever seen in one place in Africa, and then drove home along Chapman’s Peak and ended up at another favourite place, Dunes in Hout Bay, for a beer
and of course with beer goes chips, we called it lunch
Admiring the view, it was a beautiful day
People enjoying the bay 
and the beach. We are having quite a good Indian summer but we’re still longing for rain

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