Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Breakfast at Newport deli

On a fairly miserable morning after a night of (much appreciated) rain, we ventured out to Mouille Point to Newport Deli to try their breakfasts.  We did not realise that they keep a kosher menu so were a little bit disappointed to discover no bacon but turkey macon, something we avoid. We are not fans of pretend food and miss the fat on the bacon!
We were directed to an inside table.  Lynne had tried to make an on-line reservation and to phone them, but neither worked.  Luckily, they were not full
The essential black coffee on arrival
The menu
They do a good Shakshuka , which is what our vegetarian friends come for - spicy Tomatoes and peppers with eggs, an Israeli or north African speciality.  There are only a few hot breakfast options on the menu:  Poached eggs with bread, Scrambled eggs with bread  or on a croissant (which we both went for), Croissant French toast, Hot Oats and the Shakshuka.  Everything else is extra:  Cheese  R 15, Grilled Tomato  R8, Turkey Macon  22, Spinach  R15, Avo  R20, Feta  R20, Salmon  R65, Banting Bread Add R 10.  There are lots of healthy cold options

The scrambled eggs are cooked without butter (we assume not kosher) and were rather disappointing and thin, rather than creamy.  Neither is the croissant served with butter and we must assume not made with butter either?
The hot oats are served with baked apple, sweet dukkah and honey
A view of the deli from above
There are lots of tables
The bill

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