Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Wade Bales “Meet the Makers” Festival

Wade Bales thought that they would sell 500 tickets to this local festival; they sold 750, making it a very popular event. It was held in the grounds of his Wine Society premises in Constantia. A marquee had been erected as the weather was looking a bit iffy, but it was not needed. Five wine producers, one beer and four spirit producers had stands. Wade also showed his own wines and there were a few food producers to buy for lunch from: an Indian/Mexican food truck (curried quesadillas!), a cheese stand, bread, a chocolatier and a charcuterie stand
Lots of parking on the open fields
Under the marquee
Waffles on sale with the wine inside the main building. Lots of wine was being sold
Cellarmaster of Buitenverwachting, Brad Paton had some of his best wines for tasting. We love the Maximus 2014 well wooded Sauvignon Blanc, we just wish we could afford more of it. It’s our Wine of the Week. Buitenverwachting’s Sauvignon Blanc is always worth drinking. Also for tasting was the Platter 4 star 2012 Merlot, the limited release 2012 Rough Diamond, made from 60% Malbec & 40% Petit Verdot and the 1769, delicious Noble Late Harvest dessert wine, Vintage 2014
Autumn Groot Constantia vines in sandy soil and mist
Boela Gerber, Cellarmaster at Groot Constantia, pouring some red wine for guests. They had their MCC Brut Rosé, the excellent 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, 2014 Merlot, 2015 Shiraz and, as a special treat the Grand Constance 2014 Noble Late Harvest dessert wine
On Wade Bales’ own stand, they poured generous portions of the wines made for Wade by celebrated winemakers: Kobus du Plessis (Virgin Earth) 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, the (much enjoyed by Lynne) Peter de Wet (de Wetshof) 2016 Unwooded Chardonnay, Rudi Schultz (Thelema), David Finlayson (Edgebaston) 2015 Merlot Cabernet, Nico vd Merwe 2008 Cabernet Shiraz and Bales’ 2013 Choice Red
It was a busy festival, quite demanding on the winemakers
B.Rood Bakery had almost sold out of bread by the time we got to them, but we did get one of those baguettes for R20
The charcuterie sold quickly, well, as quickly as the gentleman slicing it could go. He did like to talk to the customers, which delayed service a lot. We had two of those R50 samples of a salami and sausage
Jams, jellies and olives
Jane Selander of the Constantia Cheesery with her selection of cheeses. We bought a slice of the blue cheese, R45, and a rather small Petite France at R44
It all looks good
A sign to remind Constantia that it is not just for tasting, as some thought. We wanted it for lunch
The tent was very full
The Indian food truck. The queue and the wait were always long
It did look interesting
On the Peter Bayly Port stand: Peter and his wife Yvonne
Von Geusau chocolates He had six flavours for sale. R50 for 110g. No tastings
Wade Bales
Bunny hugger!
And, at last, a refreshing ale from Rory Lancellas’ Aegir Project. They had five beers for tasting and buying
As the sun sinks slowly in the west ... the festival starts to thin out. Also with stands were The Elgin Distillery Company with their Malus Apple brandy at a rather steep R1200 a bottle, Upland had Limoncello, Grappa and some brandies. One was cask strength (60%) which we didn’t think was allowed by the licensing authorities? Have things changed? Clemingold Gin and Dalla Cia with their magnificent range of Grappas

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