Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MENU's Scandinavian Odyssey 4. Sweden, going north

We took the car ferry from Helsingør in Denmark) across the Øresund to Helsingborg in Sweden. The other shore doesn't seem that far. It is, in fact only a 4 Km gap, but it is one of the world's busiest international ferry routes with more than 70 departures from each harbour per day
We had a traditional Danish Røde Pølse with crisp fried onions for lunch. It's a 2 red frankfurters with a roll and you can add mustard or tomato sauce and lots of the crisp onion. It came with a beer and was a snip at DK 10 pp
We even found a seat in the bar. Well John did, Lynne hates those seats, she cannot get up on them
Our drive to Varberg took about four hours - we were sent on a short diversion as the motorway was closed at one point.. We wanted to stay in one of the traditional summer houses that many Swedes (and Norwegians) own. This was our first. It is in a lovely forest but quite close to the motorway. You can hear the faint whooosh of the traffic when you are outside. Swedish motorways are superb and people drive so well
Some Thrift in the garden
Our wine of the week! It is very quaffable. We always travel with a box of local wine in each suitcase, so we can have a glass each evening as an aperitif and with our supper. Scandinavian wine prices are frightening. In any case, no wine shops near this place. The two boxes lasted almost the entire holiday. We did buy beer in Holland to take with us
Enjoying the evening air in our Stuga and doing some bird watching. No, we didn't use the Weber, it began to rain. And it kept raining for much of the Scandinavian trip. We kept wishing we could send it south to the drought-stricken Cape
What's for supper? Fresh Salmon and new potatoes with a salad
The following morning we made a call at a very large IKEA just off the motorway. We had been promising ourselves a visit. Wow, what place. The prices are so good. We bought small things for our house, including a superb vegetable paring knife which is now Lynne's favourite. So sharp. WHEN are they coming to South Africa? We know some people import bits and pieces, but the prices do not compare. We believe that much of the furniture is actually made here in SA? Then it was another four hour trip to Oslo, Norway 

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