Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Breakfast at La Petite Tarte, De Waterkant

Last Saturday was a raw and miserable morning, a little wet, but we were all anticipating heavy rain from a big front approaching the city. We decided to cheer ourselves up with another breakfast. Not too far from home, we discovered Le Petite Tart in Dixon Street, across the road from the Cape Quarter Lifestyle centre in Green Point and got a table for 10 am. No one wants to jump out of bed early on a chilly Saturday morning
The restaurant, which also serves lunch and dinner. You can't miss those red and white striped awnings. We also found parking at the top of the street
It is full of an eclectic collection of decorative things: film posters, plates and other tchotchkes. Very charming. It was a little chilly with both doors open, but the gentleman sitting by one of them soon relented and, thankfully, closed it. It filled up, just after we arrived, with like-minded breakfasters
The bar is next to the very small kitchen
It is laden with cakes and tarts and pies
We think this is one of their Croque Monsieurs, which a customer ordered; it comes with a small salad. We might have to return to try one of these, perhaps for a brunch
Tempting if you have a sweet tooth
The owner says he makes THE BEST carrot cake. He has some challengers, including a customer in the shop who promised to bring him some, and Lynne
The breakfast menu
The bar. Some nice wines there. And you can have a cocktail if it is your wont
Good large cups of coffee Americano - no milk just a good crema and we love the “think” porcelain cups
Lynne decided to try the creamy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and tomatoes. It may look small; it isn't and it very nearly defeated her
John was delighted to see his favourite on the menu, a Soufflé omelette which incorporates cheese, tomatoes and bacon (or you can have smoked salmon and avo in it) It was very buttery and rich
and had lots of filling. We had quite a chat with the owner who was very friendly and chatty. Of course, there were people we knew eating in the restaurant; it happens all the time
The bill. Suffice to say we did not need lunch. But it was a good filler, as we were off to Bottelary to visit two wine farms

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