Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ex Animo Spring Portfolio Trade Tasting at Auslese

We were very happy to be invited by David Clarke to this tasting of wines, even though we had to come after John Collins' tasting. There are some wild cards here, some very interesting and impressive wines and winemakers, some very new to us, and some we really respect. On the list are Craven; Hogan; Intellego; JH Meyer - we like and have bought these; Joostenberg, we like and have sold and do buy these; Julien Schaal; Luddite - know them well and buy the wine; Mother Rock; Restless River is impressive, an impressive Chardonnay and other good wines - we have visited and enjoyed; Skinny Legs Wine Co; Spioenkop Wines we know are good; Testalonga; Thorne and Daughters, another 5 star Platter; Trizanne Signature wine, we have sold and bought; Van Loggerenberg Wines and Vuurberg. There are some Zoo Biscuit wild child wines in there and some from the Swartland. We need to get to know more of them. We only had an hour to taste and only touched the surface
Anne and Craig Wessels’ Restless River in Hemel en Aarde is small but is producing very impressive wines. See our Wine of the Week
Niels Verburg of Luddite does not have to impress these wine buyers and writers: Ingrid Motteux, Caroline Rillema and Jonathan Snashall. He and his wife Penny make impressive, different and innovative wine. In the background is Tyrell Myburgh of Joostenberg
Alsace vintner Julien Schaal and his Burgundy born winemaker wife Sophie Bollaert with their delicious wines. They were next to Niels Verburg who is chatting with David Clarke
Fresh from a week of tasting for the Michelangelo Awards was French sommelier Denis  Garret here with David Clarke
Jocelyn Hogan Wilson of Hogan Wines. They have a good Swartland Chenin Blanc, 2016, concentrated fruit, full and warm on the palate, with hot berries and yellow fruit
It was a very young crowd at the tasting. These are the wines that are attracting them

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