Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Sommeliers Selection Awards Ceremony & Tasting

These annual awards of places in the coveted Sommeliers Wine list are now in their 3rd year. The ceremony, attended by representatives of many wine farms and the media, were held in the beautiful Hofmeyr Hall in Stellenbosch. The sommeliers who chose the wines do not categorise wines by cultivar on the list, rather grouping them into flavour and economical categories
The list is four pages long
People beginning to arrive
The awards are organised by Darielle Robinson and PRO Pippa Pringle. Darielle made the opening speech of welcome
The judges
Chairman Joakim Blackadder, his first year in the chair. They have selected 679 elegant, classy wines, he said
Lots of space to sit as they tell us about the winners and how they were chosen. It is quite a random selection but (mostly) the wines do deserve to be there. Some of the reds could be older, but then those are not often available. And of course it does depend on what is entered into the competition. Oh and this year there are also some craft beers - applause, not everyone is a wine drinker
All of the wines on the list were open for us to taste. These are four (of five) of the Economically Savvy Wines by the Glass - White
The Fresh and Crunchy White wine category winners (Yes, we are unsure about Crunchy in reference to wine too) But we like the selection
Four in the Elegant and Classy Whites category
A new wine for us, and a goodie, Arco Laarman's own 2016 Cluster series Chardonnay
Some food was supplied. Bread, cheese, coppa and bressaola, and lots of strawberries
Oh dear, those mini pies and 'pizzas' that appear far too often. We avoid. And strawberries
A very good camembert, perfectly ripe, a nice Gouda and some good bread. And strawberries
More strawberries. They are just coming into season
Popcorn. Next to the strawberries

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