Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What is on the MENU this week. Yorkshire Puddings

We bought some excellent fillet of beef this week, so well hung it was almost gamey. And so before winter is out, Lynne decided to prepare Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on Sunday. If you can get good beef (and afford it!), it can be a magnificent meal
 She made a rich red wine jus, duck fat potatoes and lots of vegetables. 
We thought you might like her Yorkshire Pudding recipe, it has been handed down. There are many variations, this works for us. It is quick and easy but it is also better made the day before and kept overnight in the fridge to allow the glutens to expand
1 cup of plain flour - 3 eggs - 200 to 220 ml full fat milk - salt - a teaspoon of oil - a teaspoon of cold water, For roasting you will need either beef dripping, duck fat or some canola oil.

Break the eggs into the flour, and stir. When it starts to become sticky, start adding the milk, a little at a time. Make sure you gather in all the flour from the bottom of the bowl and beat very well, so there are no lumps. You want it the consistency of pouring cream, coating the back of a spoon. Use more milk or another egg if you need to. Add the salt to taste, the oil and the water. Beat well, pour into a jug and put into the fridge overnight 
We use deep muffin tins to bake them in. This makes eight. If you have smaller pans, you will get more. Or you can make a whole pudding but they tend to be less successful and do not rise as well
You need to turn your oven on to 220C and put a teaspoon of some dripping, duck fat or oil in the bottom of each depression. Put muffin pan into the oven to get smoking hot, give the batter another good stir and pour it into the tins. Put into the hot oven and bake for about 35 to 45 minutes, or until they are nicely puffed up and going golden brown on the tops

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