Friday, September 08, 2017

MENU's Wine of the Week. Nguni Malbec 2015

Malbec is apparently the fastest selling wine in Europe and, while much is made in Argentina, Australia is busy planting quite a lot of it. We have some here in South Africa, often used as a component of blends but it is only 0.5% of our 'national vineyard'. Darling has 9 hectares and is producing some very lush wine. This wine comes from négociant Charles Withington who owns the Darling Wine Shop. It is grown on Oranjefontein farm in Darling. Nguni are the colourful indigenous African cattle. Charles sent us a bottle to try and we liked it so much that it is our wine of the week
It has that typical Malbec savoury herbal nose, with prunes and incense wood. On the palate, it’s full of soft sweet berries, cherries and prunes, soft chalky tannins, marmite salt and perfume
Who could resist? R90 from Charles Withington, who delivers. Or, you could do yourself a favour and go and visit Darling for their Spring flower show next week and grab some then. Darling Wildflower Show We’ll be there too, on Friday 15th

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