Thursday, November 09, 2017

MENU's Wines of the Week - Aristea Chardonnay 2016; De Wet Cellar Chenin Blanc 2016

This week we have two. The first is a beautiful wine, but expensive and only made in small quantities. The second you will find easy to source and is much more affordable. Both would go well with the Greek Lamb.
First - Aristea Chardonnay. It is very Burgundian in style, with a little African sun added
Light wood is present but will soften , a subtle nose with a little stone fruit. The wine has a lovely silky mouth feel and flavours of limes, white peaches, butter and toast with a touch marmalade on the finish. So good to drink. 2016 vintage: R290 a bottle from Matthew Krone
Second and more affordable: De Wet Chenin Blanc 2016. R35 from the cellar. This perfumed wine must have a little Muscat somewhere as the nose is so floral, perhaps it's a different clone of Chenin Blanc. So fresh and racy on the palate, full of tropical notes with guava and peach, perfect for Mediterranean foods or just for quaffing with friends
The 2017 has just been released. Collect some next time you drive through Worcester. The cellar is on the northern side of the town, next to the N1

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