Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ocean Basket summer celebration at Canal Walk

To Ocean Basket to sample some of the new Mediterranean menu
Over the last year we have been asked by Ocean Basket management to sample new ideas in their menus and give suggestions. Last week, we were invited to Canal Walk Ocean Basket with several other members of the media to hear about and taste what they are currently launching. This was their Summer Celebration, where we could taste some of the new ideas they have for food in the restaurants. They have been moving to a more Mediterranean style and doing their best to work around the diminishing suppy of sustainable fish. And we were told to come hungry.  And this after the lunch at Bellevue!
On arrival, we would sample some of the new cocktails they are selling. Strawberry daiquiris, Mojitos, Margaritas, PiƱa Coladas or Long Island iced tea; they cost R35 for a glass or R125 for a litre carafe to share. There is also Sangria at R110 per carafe. We asked for something sour as we found the cocktails a bit sweet for our wine-loving palates
We then had a glass of Villiera Bubbly. We are rather impressed with the new wine list which will feature 4 and 4½ star Platter Guide wines, many of them very affordable. This young man is an excellent sommelier
The Master of Ceremonies opened proceedings by getting some of us to tell the others who we were and who we worked for. "It is all about mixing cocktails, the DJ's music, food and people", he said
We were in one of the side rooms of the restaurant. There was a disco as well
Marlet Podrash, who was an enthusiastic blogger, has been invited by Ocean Basket to put together the new menu
Then it was time for food and first some sushi. This was a successful dish of tuna sashimi with a sesame and garlic mayo and some chopped black olives, and soy & balsamic dressing. Incongruous as it sounds, it really works
Then some platters of different sushi. Salmon Roses topped with crisp potato spaghetti, One with tempura prawn and avo and fresh basil in the middle, nigiri topped with fresh tomato
Some avo and some cucumber maki, some tuna rolls, a couple with tuna and feta cheese
Four wines we could sample off the new wine list. They are all good and very drinkable indeed
And there were some called Coriander bombs, covered in a fresh coriander sauce. Also tuna tulips topped with the same coriander cream and raw or pickled red onion; salmon roses, and crunchy Athena California rolls
Then we moved on to some white anchovy fillets - Spanish Boccarones - topped with a tomato onion and olive salsa
Then the Mezze platter which has fried halloumi cheese, tzatziki, taramasalata, Amazeballs - tomato flavoured rice balls that children love, Firecracker squid in batter that might be a bit hot for some, deep fried prawns and some salmon bites. And some Greek salad in the corner. This also comes with a small bowl of the squid
Warm grilled polpetti baby squid with tomato and olives
Cheryl Hunter of Chimera Communication Architects looks after Ocean Basket's public relations
Two versions of dessert from the menu, thank heavens in mini glasses, not how they are normally served. On the left vanilla ice cream with rose Turkish delight and rose syrup. On the right, ice cream with Sesame Halva and a butter toffee sauce. We had some coffee and then it was time to head home, but no supper was needed that night

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