Thursday, December 07, 2017

Wine of the Week. Pink & White Ports for Christmas

What to drink with Mince Pies or other Christmas treats? Well, in a cold northern country we might say a vintage Port or a warm Negus, but here in hot South Africa we might suggest a chilled white or pink port. Perfect for that pre- or after dinner indulgence
Images obtained from wineries

All these wines come from Calitzdorp, South Africa's Port capital
·         Axe Hill Cape White is made by the Solera method from several vintages of Chenin blanc, is almost dry but has creamy cooked apple flavour
·         Peter Bayly White Port is made from two vintages of Chenin blanc. Peter's description is: "A shy bouquet of roast almond, crushed oats and hints of orange blossom and lemon rind, unfolds into an ethereal, complex and lengthy palate.  Peach pip, dried apricot, Seville marmalade, roast almonds and hints of spice taunt the senses, while the Port ends with a characteristically dry finish"
·         De Krans Cape Pink. The farm's description says: "a port with a beautiful vibrant blush colour, rich ripe flavours of fresh red berries and a long, lingering aftertaste"
·         Boplaas Cape Pink Port. Cape Pink Port, as the style is called locally, is a fresh, fruity Port produced in a similar method to a rosé or blanc de noir wine, but of course fortified. The recipes for the Boplaas Karoo Sunset and Pink Lady cocktails are available from the website
All these wines are delicious straight from the bottle, but a popular use of all these wines in addition to drinking them straight, and always chilled, is to add Indian tonic to make a refreshing long drink for this hot summer
We are grateful to the producers for their notes

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