Monday, February 05, 2018

A relaxing Summer Saturday lunch at The French Connection, Franschhoek

It only takes a minute to plan and get a good table on the terrace! While we were at the Franschhoek Summer Wines festival we knew in advance that it was going to be very hot, especially at midday. So we decided we would escape the heat and go and have lunch in the village and return to the festival later when it was cooler. Who has a menu that will allow you to have a small salad or a grand gourmet meal? Chef Mathew Gordon has at his restaurant The French Connection on Main Road. And he has a great chef there, Shirene Patrick who was head chef at his restaurant Harvest at Laborie (now sadly closed) and who has 'come home' to her roots in Franschhoek
Franschhoek was filled with tourists; this gentleman was so enjoying his lunch. They have a board with daily specials
We had the best table in the house, and could watch the world go by
A salad of chicken and bacon on a flatbread with lots of avocado and a drizzle of mayonnaise. Crisp chips were shared by two of us
Another flatbread topped with long braised, then pulled rib of beef, red wine onion marmalade, baby tomatoes and, something to copy at home, a generous drizzle of humus spiced with Moroccan Harissa chilli sauce
and a hamburger, crisp bacon and chips. This also had the onion marmalade underneath the burger.
Amusing acrobats move from restaurant to restaurant with their performance. This acrobat has rather got his tush into a bind!  He managed to get his whole body through the metal drum, so no problems and a few tips and claps
The bill for the three of us; The bill said we were two!  We had a refreshing low alcohol ale each. Good lunch, just what we wanted

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