Thursday, February 01, 2018

MENU's Wine of the Week. Nitída Golden Orb unwooded Sauvignon Blanc

This is leesy with asparagus, green capsicum notes and a touch of grapefruit, very like a Sancerre in its clean minerality and sophistication and with a lovely golden colour to match its name. Price from the cellar is R280. Platter awarded it 4½ stars and it was the 2016 FNB Top 10 sauvignon blanc winner. From a single vineyard. Their Sauvignons Blanc have always been on our best list, Lynne insisted that we served Nitída at our wedding 15 years ago
Arachnophobes note: The illustration on the label shows the web of the Golden Orb-web Spider (Nephila fenestra), which is commonly found in Western Cape gardens and vineyards. The female can be scarily big (the male is tiny), but it is not venomous and is an asset in the garden and the vineyard, where it preys on insects

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