Friday, February 16, 2018

MENU's Wines of the Week. Grande Provence Chenin blanc 2017 and Glenelly Lady May 2012

Grande Provence Chenin Blanc 2017 is Hagen Viljoen's first wine for Grande Provence. A dusty nose with hints of English gooseberries, at first it is dry on the palate then the fruit powerfully bursts through, golden apricots, passion fruit, guava and a nice citrus shot of acidity. We were served some good sourdough bread and an unusual nut dip, the wine was very special in this combination
The Glenelly Lady May 2012, which is just being launched. It has incense wood notes with layers of deep cassis, cherry and berry fruit, fresh and slightly warmly alcoholic. It was a poem with the roast lamb we had for lunch  and is also one to put in your cellar for a year or three

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