Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Breakfast at Shift coffee bar, Green Point

We have not been out for breakfast for ages and wanted to get together with good friends we haven't seen for a while. The original plan was to go to Jason's in Green Point but when we got there we discovered he closes on Sunday (Memo to self - always check the web site first). We wandered along Main Road, knowing we would find something open in this area and the sign above the Shift Coffee door on the ground floor of the Cape Royal Hotel building told us that this was possibly the place for us. It read "Death Before Decaff!" and we agree
Some cyclists leaving after having their breakfast. They told us that the coffee is very good
A small enclosed courtyard and lots more room inside
Lots of shade under the umbrellas and usually lots of free parking in the area, however the Cape Carnival had been held in Main Road the day before and they were breaking down the stands and the Big Walk was ending. We all found nearby parking, eventually
Things to buy to take home at the counter, croissants and filled rolls
Run by Italians, we knew the coffee would be good. Americanos were R19, a Cappuccino R20
Lynne ordered The Breakfast Croissant with bacon and scrambled egg. Good croissants, very crisp and layered. R40. The eggs were cooked dry and needed to be more buttery and soft. Bacon was good
Scrambled egg and sliced avocado with health bread, and a small salad for a vegetarian. R36
A filled omelette with mushrooms and cheese and cooked baby tomatoes with rocket; John’s had bacon in it instead of the mushrooms
Some of those tempting filled rolls. The prices are reasonable too

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