Thursday, March 01, 2018

Breakfast with Jason

Friday morning at Jason's Bakery
Jason Lilley now has two Bakeries in Cape Town and we had not yet been to the one in Green Point which opened late last year in an attractive Edwardian building. We haven't treated ourselves to breakfast for months, so on Friday morning we set off at 9.30. Why so late? The breakfast menu is quite small and they start serving sandwiches at 10, so we were hoping to have a choice of both options.
It was as busy as we would have expected it to be on a Saturday! Lots of tourists, honeymooners, people off work
There is a counter at the front where you can buy his bread and pastries to take home. And lots of people arrived after a nice walk, many with dogs, who have to stay outside the restaurant
The pastries look delectable
Jason is deservedly famous for his bread, and his pies
On the door or the walk in fridge!
A place to do your on line work?
We appreciated this
We began with two Americanos. Not great in a paper cup but necessary. Wondering whether we can take our own cups next time? Should we start a trend?
Lots of charcuterie, some imported in the fridge window
The Bakery is behind the service area, and seemed constantly busy; they have a fast turnover. Is that Jason on the right, pounding dough?
The Menu
Lynne ordered The Bomb, R58, a croissant with filled with bacon, Emmenthal cheese and a soft poached egg. T'was lovely, but she did envy John's huge sandwich
He had the BAB. R80 on Ciabatta, crisp streaky bacon, avo and Dalewood Brie. One might be enough for two people. .... maybe... As it was mid-morning, he was tempted and thought a beer would go down well with it. No luck... they aren't licensed
Our bill. Lynne had to take a pill and so had to order a bottle of still water. Huge price for 500ml. We took the bottle home to recycle it. We enjoyed our brekkie and will definitely be back for more. We bought two Pasteis de Nata home to have with our supper and they were superb. Light flaky pastry and really flavourful custard. Do they put alcohol in the custard? There did seem to be a faint whiff of something good. Is that the secret ingredient we keep hearing about?

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