Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Sushi and Ramen at Three Wise Monkeys, Sea Point

Three Wise Monkeys
is another place we have been dying to try out in Sea Point. It's on Regent Road, diagonally opposite Checkers. A friend made a reservation a few months ago, but when we got there they knew nothing about it so we left and went somewhere else. This time we went for lunch on a quiet weekday. We love Asian food, and Three Wise Monkeys specialises in Ramen, Sushi and Poke bowls. A Poke Bowl has recently become quite trendy; they describe it as deconstructed sushi. It is a bowl with a sushi rice or spinach base topped with Tuna, Salmon, avocado, edamame beans, mixed vegetables, season fruit, sesame seeds, nori seaweed, firecracker/Japanese mayo/soya and sesame house dressing. Might have to try this another time
Window seats, and you always know a place has authentic food if you see Asian nationals eating there
Friendly and quick service. They have a cocktail bar as well
The menu is simple, with a leaning towards Japanese fusion food. We ordered two dishes and shared them
We ordered the duck Ramen. It is a large bowl of soup and schlurpy noodles, topped with half a soft boiled egg, superbly tender and flavoursome duck slices, seaweed, spinach, miso yaki, corn kernels and spring onions in a very good soup base. This usually comes with pickled mushrooms, but they were held back as John cannot eat them. You start with a very good stock, meat or chicken, soy, mirin then add the rest. This was very good and quite authentic - Lynne has had Ramen in Japan; she's not an expert, but we love it and make it at home. They put a hot chilli sauce on the table with the soup spoons and chopsticks - you do both need to eat Ramen. And you can add the chilli at your own discretion
This was the 12 piece Fusion plate of sushi, 5 pieces of California roll, 5 Rainbow rolls, and two salmon roses. The fish, salmon and tuna was of good quality. We did see frozen tuna coming in while we were there, with good colour
The bill, with a beer for John. We will be back for more Ramen, a great comfort dish for the winter, with freshness

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