Thursday, June 14, 2018

MENU’s Wine of the Week. Backsberg Family Reserve White 2017

This wine won the Grand Roche Old Mutual Trophy for the best white blend. It is an intriguing blend of three grapes, two expected: a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc, more often found as single varietals, and nestled in the middle of those two is a Roussane, a grape probably unfamiliar to many, found in the Rhône valley in France, often dry land and very rarely used alone, as it is a very good blending wine. They use it in Crozes Hermitage and in the red Chateauneuf du Pape
Photograph courtesy of Backsberg

It pulls the other two together and adds something very special. Fresh fruity, layered and with a summery attitude, do try it with food or just on its own. An excellent companion to duck or other poultry, rich creamy sauces or with soft, complex cheeses. We hope it will delight and charm you as much as it did us. With aromas and flavours of rich ripe peaches and apricots, vanilla oak and some spice, it is a wine that just keeps on giving, and will do so for a long while

Postscript from John:
I thought we had the Wine of the Week in our cellar. This is the 2015 Backsberg Centenary Cape White Blend. Our WotW is the 2017 Backsberg Family Reserve white blend. But we had its 2015 predecessor. Also brilliant. The 2017 was tasted at the Old Mutual Trophy tasting at the CTICC

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