Wednesday, June 06, 2018

What’s on the Menu this week. A Potjie!

(For our foreign readers it’s a casserole cooked on an open fire in a metal three legged pot, but you can just cook it in a good heavy metal and enamel pot on your hob)
Quick and simple, especially if you are not feeling so well but need to produce a filling and good supper. And if you buy those packs of ready prepared potjie vegetables, all you have to do is tip them in. You can use any vegetables you like in a casserole.

Farm Boerewors Casserole
1 T canola oil - 1 leek – 1 onion – 650g of thick Boerewors or other meaty spicy sausage like Cumberland – 3 carrots - 50g green beans – 1 turnip – 4 courgettes – 8 Small potatoes – stock – barbecue sauce or spice
Cut the sausage into 6 or 7 cm pieces and brown it off in a little oil in the bottom of your metal pot. Remove. Slice the leeks and onion and fry them in the oil till just beginning to turn golden. Add the vegetables – carrots and courgettes cut in rounds, turnip into small dice, beans cut in half. Add water or stock to nearly fill the pot and a tablespoon of barbecue sauce or a teaspoon of barbecue spice. Bring to a slow simmer and cook until both the carrots and potatoes are soft. Serve. You can check for seasoning but the sausage and the spice will probably add great flavour and you won’t need to add anything. Enjoy by the fire with a good Shiraz

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