Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Breakfast at Café ExtraBlatt, Green Point

Waking up early on Winter mornings is difficult; you want to sleep longer, but you have to address the day. We like a lie-in at least once a week and we realised that we could then go out and have someone else cook us breakfast. Café ExtraBlatt in Main Road, Green Point was our choice this week
They turned out to be very popular because of the Breakfast buffet which is available every Saturday morning. On Sundays, they have brunch for R139.90 from 09h00 to 14h00.
It is very spacious, and there are more tables on the verandah. Lots of people were celebrating birthdays, and there was a large group doing a baby shower. We suspect, as they are right opposite the Cape Town Stadium where many walking running and cycle races are started, that they get lots of customers after the races have finished
They have a chef making the eggs to order and several tables for the Buffet food. Service was quite friendly and reasonably efficient
You can have a healthy start,
even have a salad
Croissants and rolls
Cold meats
and cheeses
and help yourself to the ingredients of a more conventional cooked breakfast
We know that we could never do the buffet breakfast justice, so we usually order off the menu
For our German friends and those who love German food, we found this on the normal menu. A place to go if you are missing German food. Even Currywurst..
We ordered two black coffees and they come with a tiny biscuit
Lynne went for the Eggs Benedict. They get zero points for presentation. However, the flavours were good and that meant that, for taste, it scored higher. Two slices of white toast (you can order brown) or pay extra for a different bread) some spam ham, and two poached eggs, one perfectly done, the other overcooked and very small. The Hollandaise was good and coated the eggs well. The flick of salad was a token. Lynne enjoyed it.
John ordered the German Farmer’s breakfast. A turned-over omelette containing fried potato and onions, with bacon, German mustard, some gherkin slices and a similar flick of salad. This came with good sourdough bread, which John had with some marmalade (R6.90 surcharge) afterwards, with another coffee

Our bill. Quite reasonable

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