Thursday, August 02, 2018

2018 Muratie Flavours of Winter Festival

We were invited to last Saturday's Flavours of Winter Wine Festival at Muratie in Stellenbosch. It was a good chilly, wintry day on which to go to the farm and enjoy some Ports and other wines made from Port varietals. The sun did break through and we even got to taste some older vintages which Rijk Melck brought out of his vinoteque. And we enjoyed a well made hamburger from the kitchen for lunch

There was a little sun on the patio, enjoyed by a few brave souls
At Muratie, there will always be music and this duo was giving guests a tuneful welcome in the foyer
Some tables and ports to taste in the restaurant
The kitchen team at the food station
And in the main cellar, we found most of the tables with the Port farms showing their wares
and more tables outside. It was a well attended festival
Autumn, winter and spring in the trees
Annemie Adriaanse and Mark on the Axe Hill table were pouring the wines and the Ports
Peter and Yvonne Bayly had their wines and Ports and a jug of that marvellous White Port and Tonic aperitif
The choices from Axe Hill in Calitzdorp, which is owned by Mike Neebe
Cosy in the inside rooms
Chaloner had their jams, jellies and olive products to taste and buy
Muratie owner Rijk Melck with one of those older wines which we were lucky enough to taste. It may be cloudy, but the Fine Special Old Port, Alberta Anna Marie from the early 1980s, still had lots of flavour. We also enjoyed a Muratie Amber fortified Hanepoot, with bruléed maple syrup flavours, a good dessert wine from circa 1989
Von Geusau chocolates were very popular and they always go well with Port. Don’t you love the dog chewed wing back? And the request to not disturb the sleeping dog. Our similar chairs try hard not to be cat scratching posts. And the old Joanna
OK, that's Cockney rhyming slang for Pee-anna
The just launched Senator LBV, named for Sir Walter Ernest Mortimer Stanford KBE CB CMG. After serving as a magistrate in the Eastern Cape, he entered the Cape Legislative Assembly in 1908 as an independent member for Tembuland and was selected to represent the views of the African people at the National Convention of 1909, which led to the Union of South Africa. He argued strongly for universal franchise, regardless of race and gender but his proposal was not accepted. From 1910-29, he served in the Senate, nominated for his knowledge of the African peoples. He was a colonel with the South African forces in the First World War. In 1919 he was appointed KBE, and died at the age of 83 in 1933. He lived at Muratie in his later years
Rijk and Kim
The old fallen oak, decades old and still surviving
Talented winemaker Hattingh de Villiers on top of his tanks, fastening a lid which had popped
Cheese platters for lunch? Or hamburgers and chips, Butter Chicken or any of the other selections?
Like the T shirt!
A crested window. Not sure who's crest this is?
Those characterful and dust filled spider webs that are almost national monuments
We hope they can rescue the bottles on the windowsill?
Dogs are adored on this farm. Most of them are a bit more lively than this one
We had a lovely day, thank you Melcks and all at Muratie

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