Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cape Wine 2018 - Overview

Cape Wine is held every three years and, this year, Cape Wine 2018 was held at the CTICC again for three days in September. We think that it was extremely professionally organised and there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm from our wine industry and from the eager buyers. Well done to Wines of South Africa (WOSA) for the very good organisation
#hannuwa. This ancient San word means the gathering of good fortune through living in sustainable harmony with our natural environment
Registration was simple and easy - not always the case at CTICC
There were good tasting glasses provided at the door and also on each stand
Helpful maps and information booklets
and great hanging posters promoting the industry and our beautiful wine area
The stands were in an understandable order, so people were reasonably easy to find,
especially if they were in a regional group
It was busy and buzzing from the first morning
A view of the hall from one of the seminar rooms
Good organisation was imperative as wine stocks had to make their way
to the stands as they were needed for tasting. This was the large
holding area, with many fridges for the white wines and bubblies
Food was available from the CTICC restaurants. We had a tiny grouse on the first day
when we went to get a sandwich to take away and eat on the hoof and were told that
we'd have to order and wait half an hour, which would have meant missing a seminar.
The following day, we took our own
Tucked away on the First Floor, this media lounge was almost unoccupied
None of the media members we know were told about it

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