Friday, November 16, 2018

MENU’s Wine of the Week. Strandveld Adamastor White Blend

Our Wine of the Week was tasted at the Elim Wine festival and has since won another award. You will read about both of these events next week. From Strandveld Winery in Elim, it is a good blend of Sauvignon and Semillon grapes. It brings out the best in both grapes, dusty and fresh with green pepper and asparagus notes, full on the palate, advancing in layers of fruit and elegance. R165 from the farm

We also had a taste of a 2008 Strandveld Adamastor in a master class at the festival and this is a lesson about waiting a while before you drink good white blends. A blockbuster of a nose with tinned asparagus, this is a BIG wine. Golden fruit with soft warm alcohol, nice minerality and long flavours. A complex food wine. Still fresh, too. Amazing for a 10 year old white wine
We almost have a new category this week: Wines we WISH we had bought earlier. At the same master class at the festival, we tasted the first Sijnn wine, a 2008 red blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre, Touriga and Trincadeira and it quite near blew us away. We have to confess that, when we first tasted in years ago, we were not that enthusiastic, but this is a real lesson: if a wine is made by one of your favourite winemakers, pay attention, buy some and keep it. Thank you David Trafford. We scored it 19 points. We do have some of the Adamastor in our Cellar and may just forget about it for a year or two

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