Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Breakfast at The Industry, Main Road, Sea Point

Late Saturday morning saw us having Brunch at a fairly new venue in Sea Point,
The Industry café, which is right opposite the Adelphi Centre and Pick n Pay on Main Road
This was tempting.... And the croissants we saw were huge and looked exactly as they should
Not some of those pale unlayered puffballs which often pass for crisp buttery croissants
The Breakfast menu. They seem to run all morning and up till 1 for breakfast
and then there are the lunch items
Inside it is spacious. BUT every chair is a high chair, including, for some strange reason, the banquettes
Lynne has a problem climbing up onto high chairs but managed, just, on one of the window seats
They have an open kitchen and a bar
The breakfast menu. We had a Hyperli voucher for 2 breakfasts at R69 each. It does not included beverages
The lunch menu
Beverages menu
and prices of cocktails and spirits. Rather high, but we don’t often indulge
John spotted these burgers on a far table and said that they look generous
Lynne had the Eggs Benedict on brown toast. Good eggs, not bad Hollandaise; we suspect that it was made in a blender rather than over a pan. There was just a paper thin slice of smoked salmon beneath the egg. And, strangely, they do not butter the toast. Sadly, some shredded, tired lettuce and shaved onion do not a salad make. She had a mango juice
John had the fully loaded Breakfast with scrambled egg and a second sausage was substituted for the mushrooms. The bacon was not smoked or salty. The two slices of toast do not come with butter or jam
Our bill for the beverages - we did add a tip to the full value of these and the voucher. However, do note that the kitchen and service are extremely relaxed. We waited nearly an hour for our breakfast. Perhaps they need a good short order cook? So Brunch turned into lunch

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