Thursday, March 14, 2019

This Week's MENU. Dinner at Bones, Thelema tasting & lunch, Basil & Ricotta Pesto Pasta, Thelema Cab 2016

A rainbow over Cape Town – is that the Pot of Gold?
We’re in that strange time of the year when winter tries to nudge summer out of the way, succeeds for a short while and then gets banged back. We've had a little rain and, suddenly, weed seeds which have lain dormant in the barren soil we used to call a garden are poking green shoots through the soil. Wine farms are in the middle of harvest and are stuck in that schizophrenic position of being grateful for the rain but wishing it would hold off until they’ve finished picking. It has been a little quiet on the PR front, but we have been to a restaurant which we liked and had the privilege of a wonderful wine and food experience on an iconic estate. Scroll down and have a look…
It's that time of the year again, where to go for our Anniversary dinner? We chose one we have been meaning to visit for ages but, because of the Cycle Race and everyone (still!) carbo loading, we were turned down. John thinks it's because we were only two and they make more money from bigger tables. Anyway they run a two tier system, so they are off the list. We do NOT want to eat at 6 and be out by 8 unless there is a really good price incentive, nor do we want to get our main course later than 10 pm. So Lynne remembered that she had seen some really good reviews on a site she follows in Facebook: Cape Town Restaurants - the good, the bad and the nastyyyy ... And so a reservation was made at Bones Kitchen and Bar in the Palms Centre in Woodstock. It’s a safe centre behind a barrier, with its own paid parking. And what a great time we had with lovely food and excellent service…
You know how many good new wines and wineries we introduced to you over a year; all that new innovation, so different, so much hype and excitement? Yes those renaissance wines, those experimental wines... Well what is after the renaissance? Here is more big news. The classics are those we should pay attention to again…
We are growing herbs in pots this year and watering by hand. Some have been really successful like our basil and thyme, while others have turned up their toes and died like the oregano which was planted with the thyme. Because the basil was starting to go to seed, Lynne decided to make a pesto this week and this is how the recipe evolved.  See the whole recipe here…
This really impressive Stellenbosch wine has vanilla oak, rich fruit: berries and cherries, wood supports and there is no mint
Soft, sweet, seductive berry fruit, raspberry, red cherry & mulberry with nice soft grippy tannins. Enjoyable now and just in waiting for the future reveal. A different clone from the previous Thelema Cabernets. R275 on the farm

14th March 2019

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