Wednesday, April 03, 2019

A morning walk in the Hemel en Aarde

Carolyn Martin of Creation responded to something we had written and invited us, on Facebook, to visit the farm again and sample their Harvest MENU. A dear friend, who has a cottage in the Hemel en Aarde, chipped in with an offer of accommodation

Waking up quite early the next morning, with Lynne enjoying a little "lie-in", I took advantage of a crisp autumn morning to take a little walk in this very attractive part of the Hemel en Aarde Valley

The mountain appearing through the clearing mist as a pair of herons flies up the valley
Small dams have been made across the Onrus River, creating ponds
Waterblommetjies (Aponogeton distachyos L.f.) are very good to eat in a stew
Our indigenous Blue Water Lily , Nymphaea Caerulea, is very prolific in these ponds
Waterblomme, waterlilies and reeds on the Onrus River ponds
Reeds and trees below the Babilonstoren Mountain
Bamboo fronds, drifting mist
 and a manicured lawn
Our wild iris Dietes grandiflora
Port St Johns creeper, pink trumpet vine Podranea ricasoliana
Fresh quinces, picked from the tree; wonderful baked


Cassandrina said...

Lovely part of the country.

Unknown said...

One of our most favorite spots in Africa
Love to swim in those ponds
The symphony of the frogs at night is perfect.
very nice picks John and Lynn