Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Onion Shed - farm lunch in the Hemel en Aarde

Seven Springs Winery has a restaurant on site which has been open since December. It is called The Onion Shed and that is what it has been converted from. The chef /owner is Lois Braun and her boyfriend is the farmer who runs the organic pig farm. She is a trained pastry chef and is very proud that this is her own restaurant. And her first
The Onion Shack doesn't do parallel lines. They have some fresh produce - Lynne bought a kilo of good onions for R8, but you can buy the whole trusses on the pillars. They have lots of other items like bags, olive oil and preserves and even some beautifully upholstered ottomans. We saw one bought while we were there
The fresh produce racks, with biscuits and other treats
The menu is on the wall chalk board. Had we known about this we would have had breakfast here before our wine tasting at Seven Springs. Do go and try it if you are in the Hemel and Aarde area, it is on the way to Caledon. The platters look interesting. And customers who were leaving recommended the meat pies to us. Sadly they had sold out by 2 when we sat down to eat
And the brews on the counter with the cakes. They do not have a licence, so were happy for us to drink our own wine
You can buy some from Seven Springs tasting room and drink it here
We all had the same thing, the Brie BLT - Bacon Lettuce and Tomato with added Brie
The rolls were hot and fresh. It was very satisfying
After we'd tasted the excellent Seven Springs wines, we asked Gus Dale to join us for lunch
and suggested a cold wine we had in the car, a bottle of Org de Rac Roussanne and it went well with the generous rolls
The friendly farm cat who is 19 years old but looks much younger until you see her walk
It is a very happy place for young pigs who can roam around the dam and through the open fields
Soon they will have pork to sell
 Happy free range pigs, just 3 months old
As happy as a pig in...
...a river. Oh joy. A short life but a happy one

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