Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lunch at He Sheng Chinese restaurant, Sea Point

He Sheng restaurant on Sea Point Main Road, near Pick n Pay, has been sold since we last visited and has new owners. It has also moved across the road. We haven't been for years because, the last time we went, the previous owners put so much MSG in the food that we had bad reactions. We read some good reviews on a Facebook page we follow: Restaurants the Good, the Bad and the Nasty and, as we love Dim Sum, decided to venture forth, with a couple of like minded friends, for lunch last Friday
It, strangely, looks better in the photograph than in reality!
Chinese people were eating there, which is always a good sign of authentic food
We did take some wine and pay corkage. Always happy to do so if we have good wine that needs drinking
Not sure about the Whisky though. How much can you drink with a meal?
The menu
Second page
Our friends ordered the vegetarian steamed dumplings and enjoyed them very much
Apologies, this is only one third of the seaweed salad, which is a large portion. John remembered just in time to take a photo
The seaweed is fresh and crisp, but it is rather vinegary and not umami enough. We added soy
We saw garlic, but didn’t taste much
The Eggplant in Brown Gravy was delectable
Soft, sweet, well flavoured pieces of aubergine with lots of other crisp vegetables in a good, lightly chillied sauce
We had a little of this - it was our friends' main course, but we will definitely return for more
We can imagine that the Eggplant in Chilli sauce must be quite hot
We ordered the Pot sticker (steamed then fried) dumplings, filled with Pork and Prawns
Nicely crisp on one side and full of flavour, but more meat than prawns
Good dipping sauce provided and they disappeared in an instant
Our main course was rather bland and not something we would order again. Soup noodles with what looks like pork or beef?
Dressed with spring onion and lots of fresh coriander. The soup was very bland, the noodles slippery and the meat a little absent
Mama making dumplings next to us
You can see the proportion of the prawns to the pork and herb filling
And our waitress helped to make the next batch. It's a skilled job
Our bill. R260 per couple including corkage on two bottles of wine (one was only a half bottle) and a tip
Next time more Dim Sum. And we did not have any reaction to MSG
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