Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Robertson Wine Valley's Wacky Wine Weekend 3. ExDiem

We asked to visit some of the newer wineries which we had not yet visited and ExDiem was one of them. It is in the beautiful Klaasvoogds valley behind Kranskop and produces olives, olive oil and some wines
The tasting of all three wines, the olives and oil was held in front of the wine cellar
Their price list on the wall
Three strengths of olive oil, and four olives to taste: two green and two black.  The 6 500 olive trees, planted in 2012, are from the following cultivars: Frantoio, Koroneiki, Coratina, Mission, Noccelara, Manzanilla, Leccino, Kalamata, FS-17 and Don Carlo. The Noccelara olive, which Lynne tasted, has a distinct nutty flavour
Tasting the wines
Olives and oil to buy
We tasted three wines: A 2016 Chenin Blanc, a 2016 Chenin Hanepoot Muscat blend and a dark 2015 Pinot Noir
They were made by Lourens van der Westhuizen
Keeping the customers happy
After visiting Ex Diem and on our way to De Wetshof, we has a little time to spare; we had to pass Ashton Winery and sometimes they have bargains at festival time, so we called in and had a quick tasting of some of their wines
Inside the tasting room

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