Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Winter Menu at Kyoto Garden

It is Winter Special time at Kyoto Gardens Sushi restaurant in Kloof Neck Road, so we were invited to sample this year's offering
And we enjoyed it very much indeed. This is the Special menu
We think the price of R230 is very reasonable indeed, given the quality of food on offer
Japanese simplicity. The lighting in the restaurant is low and warm

Working on his laptop and phone at the counter table while enjoying some sushi!
You get a glass of either Gabrielskloof Sauvignon Blanc or Gabriƫlskloof Red "The Blend" with the special
We must mention Kiera, the manager, who really made it a superb evening for us and spoilt us a lot with extras on some plates
They really spoiled us; this is not part of the special, but a small sample of the yellowtail sashimi, very fresh and tender
with a very good marinade of citrus, possibly ponzu or yuzu?
This is the Yellowfin Tuna Tartar, very soft, yielding and flavourful with a hint of wasabi,
served with seaweed and shredded daikon radish
We ordered the mixed vegetable tempura which comes with asparagus, sishu leaf, butternut, carrot, aubergine and broccoli. Also on the plate and not included in the Winter special are two large prawns and two superb scallops, another treat from the management. The tempura batter is light, fluffy and crisp. Served with a fresh ginger dipping sauce, a slice of lemon, daikon and some salt. If you too want to sample the seafood tempura, you can order it off the menu as an extra course - there will be a separate charge
You can chose from four main courses. The sushi platter has 2 tuna and 2 salmon rolls, 2 slices of sashimi and four nigiri,
prawn, tuna, yellowtail and salmon. Good hot pickled ginger too
The udon noodles with duck had great broth, the duck is cut like a blanket and the noodles were good to shlurp
We shared this and the sushi
Oh ice cream time. This is the miso ice cream which completely captivated us
Imagine the best salted caramel you have ever tasted
This is the cherry blossom ice cream with lovely pieces of cherry and lots of chocolate nibs and bits - not on the winter menu,
but they wanted us to taste this as they have changed their ice cream supplier and we have had the previous version
This is much better
The chocolate ice cream is really densely dark chocolate in appearance and flavour
We didn’t end with Sake as John was driving, so we both had some of the Toasted Rice Green tea,
so lovely and malty from the roasted rice, a good digestif and very, very refreshing after a large meal
 Go and try it, we know you will enjoy it

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