Thursday, October 31, 2019

SASSI Trailblazer Awards 2019

This year’s SASSI Awards (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) to chefs and others who promote the use of sustainable fish was held this year at Harbour House restaurant in the V&A Waterfront. The wine on offer was sponsored by Spier, gratefully accepted and much enjoyed
We gathered on the top deck where the venue was held; it had been closed for the function
The event is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund-SA whose spokeswoman and SASSI programme organiser is Pavitray Pillay,
here seen talking to a previous winner of the award, Chef Christian Campbell of Boschendal with his wife Moya
On offer as canapés was some good sushi
Christian Campbell and Gustaaf Boshoff hold one of the obligatory signs for Tweets or Facebook posts
The banner says it all
Chef Christiaan and Moya Campbell
Clare Mack begins the awards ceremony
Pavitray Pillay of the SASSI Programme with WWF-SA, said; “Chefs serve as the gatekeepers for the food and hospitality industry
and so play a critical role in leading market forces, influencing popular taste and promoting ocean-friendly seafood...
...Our partnership with them is inspired by a commitment to help restore our over-exploited seafood species
The chefs we recognise have gone the extra mile in advocating the sustainability message. Congratulations to all the winners!”
Time for the awards. This year's WWF-SASSI Trailblazers of 2019 are:
Nicole Loubser, GÅTE (Stellenbosch). She could not be present
Carolize Coetzee, Tokara Restaurant (Stellenbosch)
Gustaaf Boshoff, The Green Goose Eatery (Stellenbosch)
Guy Bennett, Gigi Rooftop (Cape City Bowl). He was not able to be present
Kyle Knight, The Shop (Sea Point)
Matt Manning, Grub & Vine (Cape City Bowl)
Gustaaf Boshoff, The Green Goose Eatery (Stellenbosch)
Carolize Coetzee, Tokara Restaurant (Stellenbosch)
Kyle Knight, The Shop (Sea Point) accepts his award. We have to go and visit, we must admit we had not spotted this restaurant which has been there for a year. It is in Glengariff Road, next to Clicks, where Buzby's Grill was for many years
Christiaan accepts the award for Guy Bennett of Gigi Rooftop (Cape City Bowl)
The four winning Chefs who were able to be here for the awards with Pav Pillay
L to R Gustaaf Boshoff, The Green Goose Eatery, Matt Manning, Grub & Vine (Cape City Bowl),
Kyle Knight, The Shop (Sea Point) and Carolize Coetzee, Tokara Restaurant (Stellenbosch)
And out comes food to sustain us in the cool breeze One was a rice ball, the other a Dutch croquette
Prawn balls with a mayo dip
Snoek Paté on toast topped with beetroot. Not sure that works well together
Make your own bruschetta!
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