Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chinese supper at He Sheng, Sea Point

We are not the only ones in our family who like Asian food so, when John's brother visited us last week,
we went to our local authentic Chinese, He Sheng on Main Road, Three Anchor Bay
How can you tell if a restaurant is authentic?
When more than half of the customers are Chinese and you can see Mama cooking in the kitchen, banging her pots and pans
We have to confess that we ordered far too much food, thinking we would get small helpings as you do in most places
This is the Seaweed Salad, very fresh and dressed in vinegar and garlic
Pot Sticker dumplings were a given and we ordered the Beef version. It is a generous portion, not the usual plate of three
They don’t do Shar su Bao, so we ordered the Fried Stuffed Bun and, when we asked how many, she said “enough”
Well, 8 arrived and we wondered how we were going to manage. They do have pork inside and are similar to Shar su Bao
Their Eggplant (aubergine) dish is one of our favourites. They have two versions; this is the one in brown sauce, not at all hot
The other, with chilli, is very hot and spicy
We ordered some Mixed Meat Noodles as a starch and they, sadly, were a bit of a disappointment
The noodles were egg noodles and rather soggy
We also ordered the Spicy Szechuan beef and it was a very large portion indeed
Tender slivers of beef in a roaringly hot Szechuan pepper sauce
We also ordered one portion of steamed rice, which helped soften the fiery, but so enjoyable, Szechuan beef
No chilli wimps in our family
We did our best, but the copious leftovers came home with us for another meal the next night
Memo to self: Don’t over order at He Sheng unless you are ravenous. Good value
We drank a Saronsberg Viognier, always a great match for spicy food
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zeekoevlei said...

We love He Sheng and are regulars! The sweet and sour pork is a favourite and so are the dumplings of all varieties. The first time we went and ordered mama shouted at us "too much! too much! You get fat!" and cut down our order even though we wanted to taste a lot more. We were greatful that mama thought of our wastelines and not her bottom line :)