Thursday, November 07, 2019

Dim sum for supper at South China Dim Sum Bar

After a recent wine event in Town, we decided that we wanted some Asian food and went to Wembley Square, to a restaurant Lynne had read about and whose menu she had seen on line. It was just 8.30 when we arrived, to find it closing for the night. Obviously not popular, even though it was one of Restaurant Week's selections. SO, where to go? Well, it was obvious to us, one of our old favourites and not very far way is the South China Dim Sum Bar at the top of Long Street
We were shown to a seat at one of the small tables and studied the menu, which is quite small but adequate. There were choices of the dim sum we like. Prices are reasonable. We do wish, however, that Cape Town would expand its choices. (At the Dim Sum restaurant we went to in London, the menu is several pages long. They are on five floors and have been there since the 1970s, but it is probably an unfair comparison)
We had been sent this bottle of De Krans Chenin Blanc to sample and it went quite well with Dim Sum. Undoubtedly, it was not helped by the tumbler provided. In future, we’ll bring our own wine glasses as we do to some other restaurants. We finished the bottle at home in proper glasses and it was much improved, Corkage is R35 and you can open two bottles. The restaurant does have a good, if small, list of wines and some craft beers. Oh, and cocktails too
The menu on the night. We wanted to order the Siu Mai, but they have mushrooms in them. Damn. And we made the classic mistake. We ordered one of each of our choices and they come in threes. Not great for sharing, can causes family resentment or we have to cut one of each dumpling in two. Luckily, we were able to double up on the order. Lots of vegetarian options on the menu too
The cocktail menu. Sounds good, but we prefer wine or straight spirits
Shar siu bao, a light and airy bun stuffed with barbecue pork, is an essential
The special of the evening was a rather salty Prawn Laksa; someone had a bit of a heavy hand with the Trassi shrimp paste
Great prawns though, one each
Edmund Hung, the owner and chef, has summed up his philosophy as
“making great simple food, meeting people and promoting earth friendliness”
We often meet him at wine trade events
We ordered both the lamb and beef pot sticker dumplings, so crisp on the outside and extremely flavourful
This is the beef dumpling, served with black rice vinegar
and the lamb, served on spiced yogurt
Lynne’s absolute favourite dim sum is the Har Gou dumpling, filled with prawns and crisp water chestnuts. Heaven
The dips we were served were also very special; one tasted of caramelised onion and miso and was spicy hot
All the crockery and cutlery is recyclable. Applause from us
Paying the bill and saying thank you to the chef for a very delicious and satisfying meal
The bill
All content ©  John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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Beaumont Hope Margarite is on the wine list at a reasonable price.