Friday, November 29, 2019

On the MENU this week. Mediterranean Celebration Salad

At this time of year, we give you some ideas for Christmas food. If you are doing a cold Christmas lunch here is a very easy salad to add to the celebration table. It looks wonderful and takes moments to prepare. Everyone can help themselves to their favourites. You could add sliced avocado, briefly steamed green beans or any favourite cold vegetable.If you can’t find the marinated pepper, roast two large oiled red peppers until the skin comes off easily, slice and put into a simple French dressing

1 jar of Marinated Peppers – 1 head of cos lettuce – 1 packet rocket
1 tin of chick peas – a jar of black olives – ± 20 baby tomatoes, halved – a tin of artichoke hearts, drained and halved – 3 courgettes cut in rounds -
1 tin of asparagus spears or fresh green asparagus, steamed for just 5 minutes - 25g toasted flaked almonds - a large handful of fresh basil, torn up roughly at the last minute
If you are using fresh asparagus, wash it and briefly steam it till it is just tender, then cool.

On a large wide serving platter, fan out the leaves of cos lettuce, the rocket and the asparagus in a circle from the centre. Drain chick peas and sprinkle them in the centre. Top with a circle of the red peppers. Add some black olives and the tomatoes then sprinkle on the roasted nuts. Serve with a jug of the following dressing:
1 clove garlic, crushed – 1 t coarse salt – juice of one lemon – 5 T extra virgin olive oil - ½ t sugar – 1 t Dijon mustard
Mix everything in a jar and shake well.
Just before serving, sprinkle over the roasted nuts. Put the torn basil into a jug with the dressing and serve
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