Thursday, January 30, 2020

Breakfast with Giulio

Some South African friends who now live in Perth were visiting and asked us for recommendations of places for breakfast
near where they were staying in town. So of course we recommended Guilio’s on the corner of Loop and Riebeek Streets
So they took US there for breakfast!
Entrances on both streets and parking is relatively easy on the weekend or after 9, when everyone has gone to work
You don’t need a booking, but it is safer to make one
Inside it is light and airy with a slightly Tuscan and arty feel
The breakfast menu makes choosing very, very hard
This is the outrageous Pancakes a L'Americana, a stack of three,
light as air, loaded with a wicked toffee and banana sauce and topped with crisp bacon. Yummo
The same pancakes, but here with berries and a completely mad addition of a hat of candy floss!
One of us doesn’t do much that is sweet, so she had her favourite, La Bianca - 2 poached eggs Florentine on a croissant,
with lots of smoked salmon, spinach and slathered with a good thick Hollandaise sauce, sprinkled with some chives
No need for lunch that day
And Sir ordered a dish that we have to share one day
Three slices of perfectly crisp French toast with a granola topping that adds great texture, mixed berries,
 berry cream cheese compĂ´te, berry coulis, maple syrup and, yes, a stack of crisp bacon
And that loony hat of candy floss that no one ate. Very pretty though, gilding the lily
Excellent Italian coffee was enjoyed by the sweet eaters, and a pot of mint tea went well with the smoked salmon
Thank you Phil and Di. xxx
Saying hello to talented owner baker Giulio Loreggian
Of course we will be back. Well, after the diet
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SueMills said...

Also enjoyed a very good breakfast there about six month's ago so good to see its still getting the ratings!