Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Supper at Marietjie's, Baardskeerdersbos

Discussing where to get fresh fish locally with the owners of our AirBnB, they invited us to join them on the first Friday night at Marietjie’s in Baardskeerdersbos, which they said was one of the best, and they had booked a table. It was a lovely warm evening, so we sat outside. It is a very unpretentious place that locals and visitors alike love and support
Deon with Tanya, our friendly waitress
It’s a pub restaurant. We were told that, if we wanted fresh fish, we had better be there by 5!
We are happy to obey if it means we get fish as good as this turned out to be
A collection of caps left by customers adorns the room of the bar
Marianne and Deon, our lovely hospitable landlords
We took along the wine (no Corkage), an Ormonde Chardonnay 2011 and South Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2015,
both still fresh, aromatic and very, very enjoyable with the meal 
A huge plate of very fresh fried hake in a light as air crisp batter, crisp chips, pampoenkoekies, a small salad and tartar sauce
R70 each and so delicious. We do recommend this place if you are in the area
Marietjie, the owner/chef, and her son welcomed us
Translation: "We don't get to look like this from running...
it's from eating"
Girls' night out
The bill for four
On the way back to Franskraal, we detoured via Gansbaai to see the Christmas lights!
"Baardscheerders Bosch" in the original Dutch literally means "Beard Shaver's Forest". The accepted explanation for this name is that a species of solifuge inhabits the area, and that this arachnid is referred to as a "beard shaver" because it cuts hair to use for nest-building. Thank you, Wikipedia
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Back Chat said...

Your holiday posts have absolutely enchanted me. I felt while reading them that we could have been on any of your holidays in a UK coastal village. But it was even better, it was our lovely South Africa. Everything looked so fresh and I could feel the sea breeze. It is a wonderful part of our world. We poor South Africans don't have to barter the house to pay for a meal on Ibiza, we can simply jump into our car and head to the place of magic where the oceans meet.

Simon Davis said...

Lovely to hear about this place! But you left a R20 tip on a meal you said was great and cheap) and when you’d brought your own wine And didn’t pay corkage?? That’s not even 7% of a tiny bill. I’d be embarrassed honestly.