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Waffles and Pancakes at Feel Good Food, Tableview

Where to find THE BEST waffles in Cape Town? We think we have found it

Now there are "Waffles" and waffles. If you have travelled in Belgium you will know what an iconic dish this is to the Belgians. And it has to be made perfectly. Not a quick self raising flour batter and a quick pour into a blackened pan that hasn't been used for a year or more. They must not be soggy or flat or even too crisp and dry. They have to be light and airy and melt in the mouth. We used to rave about the stall at the Biscuit Mill run by a Belgian, Fernand Durler, but he has returned to Belgium. We have had some very bad ones and, thankfully, some occasional good ones. But not quite there

An invitation to come and taste some at the new, huge and impressive Table Bay Mall just off the R27 set us on our quest. This huge airy and spacious Mall has been open since September 2017 and walking around it will get your Fitbit steps soaring, it is so huge. It is on the edge of present Cape Town civilisation as the Renosterbos takes over just behind it, but things are changing and more building is taking place all around it. This area is the fastest developing area in the Cape at present, as we spread our margins wide so that we can to fit in all who come seeking our golden paved streets. OK rhetoric got us, that is so not true. They are tarmac and generally pothole free, unlike further north
The Mall has recognised that they need to make space for small emerging businesses, so they have created a Food Cube area with lots of seating in front to serve the food vendors’ customers. It is also the ideal place for bored spouses to wait with a beer or a glass of bubbly or wine and a waffle or a chilli popper while their other halves shop. They even have sport on TV. It certainly gives one the choice of something different from the big name fast food outlets
We were invited by Greg Cooke and his wife Marcha to come and sample his waffles, pancakes and other hospitality. Greg is also known as John Eric, from a previous restaurant he had. They have two cubes. We began at Greg's Bite and Tipple bar, where you can have a beer, a glass of wine from good local brands, a coffee, juice and even a cocktail. And yes, there is Bubbly by the glass
The Bite and Tipple bar also has a snack menu with some interesting choices for a quick lunch on the hoof
or a sit down with a drink. The cheese platter looks very good, especially paired with a glass of bubbly...
Greg also runs the Feel Good Food stand where you get the waffles and pancakes
These customers were ordering breakfast waffles
The Feel Good Food menu for the waffles and pancakes. There are some tempting choices savoury or sweet
Or you can have an old fashioned Jaffle. The prices are very budget friendly
The wine is kept cool and fresh in this innovative machine
The breakfast waffle: Bacon pieces are baked in the waffle;
it is topped with scrambled egg and cheese which is melted with a blow torch
And a sprinkle of chives to finish it off
Greg pouring John a good glass of Jack Black
We also had a taste of the Cherry Ale which is soft and sweet and full of cherry flavours. Both are locally made
Correctly poured with a good head on top!
Our first waffle was a plain one, so that we could try the naked waffle in all its glory. And, wow, is it impressive! Twice the height of anything we have had before, light as air, the right amount of crispness on the outside and eaten hot with a dusting of icing sugar and either golden syrup or Maple flavoured syrup, it was delicious. Disappeared in an instant
Another customer was having the savoury Caprese Waffle with mozzarella, tomato, pesto and basil
John was able to take a photo before it was served
They do traditional pancakes, with sugar lemon and cinnamon or you can have some with wicked fillings like Melktert,
Mixed berry or Lemon meringue. The Banoffee pancake was extra tempting, but we resisted
And there are several other toppings you can choose from
The happy pancake maker
The local bridge club came and played on two of the tables and enjoyed some refreshments
The vendors hope that you too will stop for a rest and a chat and partake of some of their excellent food
Time for our lunch and John chose (very wisely) the sensational Mexican waffle,
generously topped with guacamole, cream cheese, chilli jam, jalapenos and corn chips. It went very well with John's beer
Lynne chose the Bacon Waffle topped with Cheese and Maple Syrup, it has always been one of her favourite combinations
Lots of bacon pieces baked into the waffle. And she enjoyed a glass of Ken Forrester Old Vine Chenin Blanc wine with this,
a great match. Do go and try these two great stands; we thoroughly recommend them
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