Thursday, March 26, 2020

On the MENU This Week. Autumn Fig Salad with Avocado

As it is officially Autumn and we will shortly go into lock down, I thought I would give you an uplifting salad. It is a variation on one of our favourites, which we have as an accompaniment to a main dish. Or you could increase the quantities and have it as a main. As the supermarkets will remain open, hopefully you can still get the ingredients.
2 Tomatoes, sliced – one Avocado, sliced – 6 ripe figs sliced – 1 goat cheese, broken into pieces or sliced – basil leaves or flat parsley – best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – aged Balsamic vinegar or Balsamic glaze – salt and freshly ground black pepper
Layer the sliced tomatoes, avocado and figs in an open salad dish, arrange the goats cheese on the top, strew with basil leaves, season well and then drizzle over the olive oil and Balsamic
In the coming weeks, I will be giving you interesting recipes for stock cupboard/freezer meals to help with the chore of daily cooking. I hope it helps. Be well

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