Friday, September 25, 2020

Heritage Day wines

Many people hold that Chenin blanc and Pinotage are South Africa’s signature varietals. We chose two sensational Heritage wines from our cellar.  The Beaumont Hope Marguerite Chenin Blanc is a wine we love and buy when we can - it sells out quickly.  We drink some new and fresh and keep some in the cellar as we know it ages well. This was a 2010 and quite magnificent.  The 10 years in cellar had made it creamy with crisp apple and honeyed caramel flavours, rich pastry wood; so a good example of a wine to pair with Tart Tatin. 

The 2011 L'Avenir Pinotage is quite Burgundian in style. As Pinotage ages we find that the character of its Pinot Noir parent does tend to come to the fore.  Fresh red plums, prunes, strawberries on both nose and palate, with long flavours, and a background structure from well handled wood.  One of the few Pinotages Lynne enjoys

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