Friday, September 18, 2020

This Week’s MENU. Lunch with George Jardine at Jordan, Bouchard Finlayson Zoom tasting

This grey heron (ardea cinerea) was trying to steal the koi from our pond

We wish all our Jewish readers a very good New Year and well over the Fast

We have two stories to tell this week. On a beautiful Spring day, we went to Jordan wine estate in Stellenboschkloof for lunch at George Jardine’s Jordan restaurant and we also enjoyed a tasting of Bouchard Finlayson wines in a Zoom event. More about both of these below. We have also had a bit of a scare. Lynne wanted to use some eye drops. Unfortunately, there was a dropper bottle of water purifier next to the eye drops and she picked up the wrong bottle.... After 2 visits to hospital, and a painful week, she is fine, the eye is repairing.

Lunch at George Jardine's Jordan Restaurant

The perfect day out where we could be wonderfully spontaneous

Something we have not had the chance to do for a very long time.  Sunny skies with a little cloud when we headed out to Stellenbosch for lunch at George Jardine at Jordan. We had bought a support voucher and they notified us that it was time to use it.  The clouds soon disappeared and we knew we were in for a lovely day. Read on…

We attended a Zoom meeting this week with Bouchard Finlayson and the Twelve Apostles Hotel.  We were sent these two wines in time, so we could taste while we watched, listen to their Cellar Master Peter Finlayson and watch Chef Christo Pretorius cook two dishes that he paired with the wine. Very, very difficult to watch a chef cooking when you are not going to taste the results.  However Lynne had made a good Chicken Casserole with dumplings for after the meeting. Read on....
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