Friday, October 30, 2020

Highlands Road Taste Tubes

Highlands Road wine estate in Elgin has come up with an interesting new way to market their wine in the time of Covid
For R100 you can buy this box of 100ml samples of 8 of their wines. On line or on the farm

Perfect for doing an on line tasting with your mates or wine club or just tasting at home to find the ones you like so you can order the wine and have it delivered. Winemaker Vanessa Simkis is a very good winemaker

They sent us a box to try and we did the tasting together this week. one evening before supper

The wines were: 
Highlands Road Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Richness and ripe fruits like granadilla, peach and pear with some cooked guava on the end. A wine of the Elgin valley, good with food

Their White Reserve 2017 is a barrel fermented in new oak, Sauvignon Blanc and has cooked apple, vanilla oak  on the nose and is clean and zesty with crisp apple, lime and mandarin which wakes up the palate and lingers. Complex and layered

Sinacera 2016 A 50/50 blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, it  has vanilla sweetness, pine nuts and complex fruit on the nose. Silky from the Semillon, crisp apple acids, wood, and spice on another level, another food wine. Very good

Sinacera 2015 Perfumed with balsam and eucalyps, then apricot and peach.  Richness as expected, with lime, apple, tropical pineapple, warmth, spice and a little chalky tannin. The oily richness stays on the palate
The 2017 Chardonnay has rich cooked apple on the nose, some cumin and other spice. Lovely on the palate, an exceptional Chardonnay. Apple and lime, rounded and delicious with a wood in the background supporting but not intruding. At its peak now and will also last. Another great food wine

The 1214 Pinot Noir has over rich, ripe prune plums and cherries with some earthiness. Good cherry fruit, soft grippy tannins, and a kick of morello cherry acid, long flavours, dark wood on the end. An Elgin Pinot

We had two samples of the same wine, the 2016 Syrah which has cooked berry fruit like summer pudding, and flinty minerality on the nose. Soft silky spicy, lovely layered fruit  mulberry, cherry. some chalky tannin, finishes with pepper and powdered cinnamon and ginger.  It went very well with our supper

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